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Pilsen Packrats Auctions

30 Minute Consignment Auctions

Pilsen Packrats 30 Minute Auctions


We are now offering sellers a single table option. You get 1 table for 35.00. Must be paid in advance. ALL items sell with NO protect. Your auction will last untill all your items on that table have sold or 8 minutes time has passed. The single tables will be on a first come, first served basis. The single tables will sell AFTER the 100.00 consignors.

These auctions are designed to help the small consignor sell their items with a minimal amount of cost and hassle. We are contacted almost daily from a LOT of people, who have a SMALL amount of items to sell. With this auction we are combining up to 7 consignors in 1 auction. Each consignor will be sold a space. The space will have (4) 8 foot tables or a 10 foot square space with NO tables for large items. The consignor will be responsible for delivery and setup of their own items. Setup times will be from 6 to 8 pm on the night before the auction, and from 9 am till 2 pm the day of the auction. You MUST reserve your space by 8 pm on the Wednesday before the auction.
 The concept of the 30 Minute Auction is this.
The seller pays a one time 100.00 fee. This is the ONLY expense that there is for the seller. NO sales commision. NO advertising fees, NO building rent, NO setup fees. NO other fees, period! 
What you receive for your 100.00 dollars is this. The Pilsen Packrats will auction off your items until they are all sold OR 30 minutes of time is used up. Whichever comes first. After all items are sold in that space or at the end of 30 minutes, we move on to the next consignor. 
1. Spaces are 100.00 each. This will be paid BEFORE you are allowed to set up. Each consignor is allowed up to 2 spaces. Each space will have (4) 8ft tables or 10ft square for larger items. Each consignor is responsible for setting up their own tables. We will NOT do it for you. If a consignor chooses, they can be help sell their items when their auction is be conducted. 
 2. All items will be in boxes on the tables and NOTHING will be set under them. You can not mix large and small items in a space. Items will not be piled or stacked on top of each other. 
3. The auction for each consignors space will last until all items are sold or 30 minutes of time has elapsed. Whichever comes first. If the consignor has items left at the end of 30 minutes, it will be their choice to sell the remaining items in one big lot, or to keep them. If consignor chooses to keep the remaining items, they must be removed by 12pm the following day.
4. All items sell with "NO RESERVE". A consignor can NOT "Buy Back" their items. This will not be allowed.
5. All items will be relatively clean and legal to sell. Pilsen Packrats reserves the right to refuse selling of items we feel are too dirty, illegal or offensive and they will not be allowed in the building.
6. The length of the auctions will timed by a timepiece supplied by the Pilsen Packrats. This will be the ONLY timepiece used.
7. The 1st 30 minutes will be for the items of the Pilsen Packrats. The only time this will change is if we have nothing to sell. The rest of the consigned spaces will be numbered and the order of sale will set by a random number drawing before the start of the auction.
8. These auctions by nature will have to move fast. We will be selling items by choice item or box off the tables. We will NOT be carrying items out to the buyers.
9. Pilsen Packrats will not be held responsible for any damage, theft or accidents before, during or after the auction.
10. Payment for each consignors auction items will be mailed one week from the date of the auction. 

Auctions are a fun way to sell your items however, there are no guarantees. Some items bring more than you thought and some will bring less. The old saying "It all evens out in the wash" really applies to auctions.


Pilsen Packrats
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