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Pilsen Packrats Auctions
Joe & Tish
The Pilsen Packrats!!!

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FRIDAY, March 24th, 6:00 pm
609 Western Heights, Hillsboro Ks
Selling Items for Dr. E.K. Schroeder Estate
8 in. Refracting Telescope Home Built, 4 in. Refracting Telescope Home Built, Vintage Baby Stroller, TV Trays, Table Lamps, Animated Spinning Wheel Lamp, Lots of Vintage Board Games, Leather Speed Bag, Vintage Boxing Gloves, Candle Holders, Cameras, Vintage Floor Ashtray, Animal Pictures, Chinon Camera, Telephoto Lenses, Old Coronado radio, Coleman Picnic Stove, Coleman Camp Oven, Vintage Coleman 242C Lantern, Dietz Comet Lantern, Cookie Cutters, Folding Camping Table, 2 Microwaves, Ortho Lawn Spreader, 2 Upholstered Chairs, 3 Dressers, Hoosier Cabinet Base, China Buffet, 3 Small Wood Tables, 4 Night Stands, Small Desk, Vintage Portable Radios, Vintage Boy Scout Items, Old Birdhouses, Chimney Brush, Vintage Laced Doilies and Tablecloths, Turkey Call, Vintage Lawn Sprinklers, Box of Rag Rugs, Microscope, Several Braided Area Rugs, Canning Supplies, Cigar Boxes, Old Life Magazines, Picture Frames, Wicker Picnic Basket, Baskets, Several Hand Tire Pumps, Deluxe Mop Bucket, Camping Supplies, Fishing Supplies, 2 R/C Vehicles, New Durasound CD, Cass. AM/FM Radio, Old Books, Decorative Cake Pans, All Kinds of Glassware, Collectible Pottery, 1953 Mercury Mark 5 Outboard Boat Motor, Posters of all Kinds, Cookbooks, Lots of Wood Items, Figurines, Realistic Phono/Cass. AM/FM Stereo, Several Boxes of Vintage Toys, Paper Shredder, Suitcases, 2 Vintage Battery Operated Toys, 2 Marx Windup Tigers, Roy Rogers Wagon, 2 Tin Plate Cars, 2 Plastic Pinball Games, Vintage Wagon Train Gun and Holsters Set, Tonto Holster, Dick Tracy Gun and Holster, Gilbert No.10042 Erector Set, Vintage Sunbeam Hedge Trimmer, Galvanized Watering Can, Sears Metal Detector, Toro Elec. Snow Blower, Canister Sets, Leather Craft Kit, Roy Smeck Ukulele, Bear Glass Powered Grizzly Bow with Quiver and Arrows, Ben Pearson Jet Bow with Arrows and Quiver, 2 Vintage Tin Tops, Fenton Hobnail Milkglass Collection, Painted Hurricane Lamp, Wind up Wall Clock, Color Panorama Nature and Science Books with Projector, Homer Laughlin Nantucket China Set, Porcelain Bird Pictures, Hand Painted Plates, Small Wheelbarrow, Vintage 3 Pc. Sectional Couch, LOTS of Vintage Dentistry Equipment Including Drill, Attachments, Teeth Models, Denture Models, Lab Equipment and MUCH MORE!!
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Dr. Schroeder was a Dentist for many years. He and his family had very many interests and hobbies. They bought quality items and took very good care of them. This auction is like walking into a Time Capsule!! Most of the items come with the original box they came in! This will be a very interesting sale!!

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Early viewing will be 12 pm on sale day. Forms of payment are cash, check or credit cards.
Announcements made on sale day take precedents over all printed matter. Not responsible for misinformation, accidents, damage or theft. ALL items must be paid for on the night of the sale.
For more information call 620 323 0249 or 620 323 0347

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