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Pilsen Packrats Auctions
Joe & Tish
The Pilsen Packrats!!!

To view pictures, please go to auctionzip.com Our auction id number is 24892. Enter that number in the space provided and it will take you to the complete sale bill as well as the pictures. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are upgrading our site and pictures will again be posted on THIS website.

FRIDAY, JULY 8th 6:00 pm
609 Western Heights, Hillsboro Ks
Selling Item for Tillie Schafers
Armoire, Figurines, Sewing Material, Sewing Machines, Table Lamps, Folding Tables, Old Toys, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Belt Buckles, Brass Blow Torch, Toolboxes, Wall Hangings, Cedar Chest, Wall Heaters, Power Washer, Pots and Pans, Chainsaws, Sears Kerosene Heater and Boxes and Boxes of Miscellaneous!!
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Tillie and her late husband have collected for years!! There are 3 rooms of boxed items plus a 2 car garage stuffed FULL of boxes! We have NO way of knowing whats in there until we unpack it! So, I will be adding items and pictures to our FB page and websites as we go! There will be SOMETHING FOR EVERY ONE!!
This auction is at our NEW location at 609 Western Heights in HILLSBORO Ks! ( The Old Dollar General Store)
See us on our FaceBook page, Auction Zip, or at pilsenpackrats.com
Early viewing will be 12 pm on sale day. We take cash, check or credit cards
Announcements made on sale day take precedents over all printed matter. Not responsible for accidents, damage, or theft. ALL items must be paid for on the night of the sale.
For more information call 620 323 0249 or 620 323 0347

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Pilsen Packrats PO Box 212, Lincolnville, Ks. 66858
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