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  Joe's "Old West" Fence Post Farm Own a piece of the "Old West" All our items are crafted from real Hedge fence posts. Used for decades to tame the wild herds of the "Old West".
These posts have been aged on the Kansas prairies. Weathered by the fierce Kansas blizzards and baked by the unrelenting summer sun.
Each and every one has served it's time on the prairies of the "Old West"
  Company Headquarters:
Po Box 211
Lincolnville Kansas
(Email to) pacar@midusa.net

(1) Authentic Kansas Hedge Post and Barb wire Fence Section. $29.95 + Frt.
(2) 6ft. Hedge Post Hall Tree
$29.95 + frt.

More items are on the way. We also have
Hedge posts in bulk. Also weathered barn wood
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